Solunar Hunting Tables

  • Precisely calculated to your chosen location

  • Clearly marked daily Solunar indicators
  • All times are local to the location
  • Daylight Savings 2007 automatically handled
  • Text or PDF format, color or B & W
  • Custom-made to any location in the world

That trophy game isn't going to just walk right in front of your sights.  You need to know when your game is going to be active.  Solunar Hunting Tables tell you the best days and times to go hunting.

Own the High Ground

You've staked your decoys.  You know your game roosts all around these parts.  Hours later, you give it up and wonder if everyone comes home empty-handed this many times.  What went wrong?
Every hunter knows that animals will feed around the same times each day.  But why are some days so much better than others?  There must be something primitive that motivates them, something more than the best call or the strongest scent masking.


Click -here- to learn all about The Solunar Theory


Planning is Everything

When you were a kid, you quickly learned that a good hunt starts with a good plan.  Sure you can just grab a rifle or bow and head for the woods, but you know that's going to be a gamble.

Nowadays, your time is limited.  You need a plan so you don't waste those valuable weekends in the wild.
A great plan starts with Solunar Hunting Tables.  Our tables give you precise times when animals are most likely to be active and feeding.  Using our easy-to-read format, you can quickly know which days are going to be the best for hunting.

Making the Most of Your Hunt

Arm yourself with precise hunting times for every day of the month.  Solunar Hunting Tables will tell you the best times each day.  Our 1-minute accuracy lets you plan your hunting trips with confidence.
Animals do feed with some regularity each day.  But it's scientifically proven that certain days of each month will have more activity than others.  Don't be left out in the cold - get your Solunar Hunting Tables and start bagging the big game! 

Features and Benefits

  • 12 full months of hunting times
  • Daily major and minor feeding times
  • Times adjusted to the local time zone
  • 2007 Daylight Savings as needed
  • Sunrise and sunset times
  • Moonrise and moonset times
  • Moon up and moon down times
  • Peak Solunar days clearly marked
  • Key Solunar moon phases
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Always look for a sign

Start your plan off right, click the Solunar Time Tables in the menu and get ready to enjoy nature.
Remember your safety gear, never hunt alone and always protect your right to bear arms!
 Beware of the deer