Solunar Fishing Tables 

  •  Precisely calculated to your chosen location
  • Clearly marked daily Solunar indicators
  • All times are local to the chosen location
  • Daylight Savings 2007 automatically handled
  • Text or PDF format, color or Black and White
  • Custom-made to any location in the world

Anglers around the world use our tables every day.  They've learned that catching fish is more than just being lucky.  It's about knowing where the fish are and when the fish will be there.

Knowledge is Power

How many times have you come home empty-handed and wondered what went wrong?  The weather was great.  The winds were calm.  But your favorite hot spots just didn't produce any results.
Solunar fishing tables can help you put an end to those wasted trips.  With our precise calculated times in your hands, you'll know exactly when the fish are going to be active at your favorite location.


Click -here- to learn all about The Solunar Theory


1-Minute Accuracy

Just tell us the location you need and we do the rest.  You can give us something as simple as a zip code or as precise as the exact latitude and longitude coordinates.

Since our calculations work for anywhere on the planet, remote locations are no problem.  We have customers in such exotic places at New Zealand, Panama, Australia and even Canada!  Okay, maybe Canada doesn't really count as an exotic place, but it sure looks that way when you're from Indiana.


Want more?  Click -here- to check out our great article by Joe Bucher on how his experience turned his doubts about Solunar Times completely around.

Features and Benefits

  • 12 full months of fishing times
  • Daily major and minor feeding times
  • Times adjusted to the local time zone
  • 2007 Daylight Savings automatic
  • Sunrise and sunset times
  • Moonrise/set and moon up/down times
  • Peak Solunar days clearly marked
  • Key Solunar moon phases
  • Any location on the planet
  • Variety of formats in color or B&W
Solunar Weekly Times Sample TableSolunar Monthly Fishing Times Sample Table
Weekly SampleMonthly Sample

Start Catching Fish

Click the Solunar Time Tables link in the menu, get ready for some real fishing action and always practice catch-and-release!