Solunar Fishing Tables
for Business

  • Precisely calculated to your chosen location
  • Generate new revenue through sponsorships
  • All times are local to your location, no editing
  • Text or PDF format, color or B & W
  • Increase your readership
Newspapers, magazines, websites, resorts and lodges around the world purchase our tables year after year.  Why?  They've learned that offering something truly unique to their customers is the key to stronger revenue. 

Solunar Fishing and Hunting Tables can give you that unique customer experience

Something Different

Every newspaper wants something different to separate them from the rest.  Creating that unique reader experience is how subscriber bases are built.  Your bottom line depends on bringing quality content at an affordable price that your readers will enjoy.

Nobody Said it Would Be Easy

Providing a service to your community is no easy task.  Local news may not be enough.  Readers want the weather, sports and those all-important yard sale notices.

Solunar fishing and hunting tables provides publications and resorts with a reliable and affordable source of information valuable to the community.  Local residents will love knowing they can depend on you to give them more than just the news.

Many of our customers solicit local businesses to sponsor our Solunar tables.  Businesses get great advertising exposure for a great price.  You get readers that come to trust you for their needs.

Multiple Formats

Solunar Services understands the needs of a business.  That's why we've developed a special Solunar Table format just for you!

Our weekly format is perfect for those once-a-week handouts for resorts.  Rural newspapers on a weekly print cycle really enjoy them.  With the ability to start your table layouts on any day of the week, Solunar tables can match any circulation schedule.  We can even include fishing and hunting tips - your customers will love them!

Features and Benefits

  • 6 full months of fishing/hunting times
  • Daily major and minor feeding times
  • Times adjusted to the local time zone
  • 2007 Daylight Savings automatic
  • Peak Solunar days clearly marked
  • Key Solunar moon phases
  • Customized to any location on the planet
  • Variety of formats in color or B & W
Weekly SampleMonthly Sample

Start Catching Readers

Solunar Fishing and Hunting Tables are the perfect way to increase your readership, establish local business sponsorship and get your business noticed.  Click the Solunar Time Tables menu option and get started today!