I'm Joe Payne and
the owner of Solunar Services, LLC.
6 pounds, 22 inches...now THAT'S a bass!

Solunar Services was officially founded in 1986 by my father, Jack Payne.  Jack spent better than 50 years enjoying the Lake Vermilion, Minnesota vacation cabins with his wife Shirley.  Our family spent many long hours documenting our fishing excursions in and around Lake Vermilion.  We then used this information to chart both the best fishing spots and correlate our results with the Solunar calculations.  The Solunar formulas and formats used today are the result of these many years of work.

Jack Payne passed away on February 18th, 2007 at the age of 80.  He is deeply missed by all who knew him.

Being a six year-old kid, I wasn't exactly thrilled to be dragged into the Iron Range, placed on an island and given no electricity for weeks at a time.  Armed with my trusty Snoopy fishing pole, I was able to learn how to enjoy the great outdoors and the importance of a sense of direction.  Fourteen years later, I knew that lake inside and out, could drop a tree on a dime and had no fear of gas-powered engines.

I am grateful to have gained the joy and experience of a childhood in the north woods.  As an child, I couldn't wait to get off that island.  As an adult, I find myself longing to return each year.  Funny how life does that to you.

Business ownership isn't new to me.  My entire career has been spent making sure the customer is happy.  I have been in the computer consulting industry for over 35 years. I ran my own consulting business in the Indianapolis, Indiana area until I moved to Southwest Florida in 2010.  I will always treat my customers just as I would want to be treated.

My father ran Solunar Services as much as a hobby as he did a business.  Jack genuinely enjoyed communicating with folks, hearing their stories and learning how their Solunar tables helped them enjoy an outing.  In the short time I've been managing Solunar Services since his passing, I have already learned why he enjoyed it so much.  Hearing the excitement in someone's voice as they tell how they "caught the big one" is quite rewarding.

My goals with Solunar Services are several.  First, it needs to be something everyone enjoys.  Second, I don't want to get rich.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Anyone would enjoy a higher quality of life, but I'm pretty lucky to have what I do now.  Having too much of anything just makes you lose the appreciation for what it took to gain it.  My visitors need to enjoy Solunar as well.  The Solunar website should give something to each person that visits it, regardless of whether they brought their wallet.

I have spent the last 12 months modernizing the Solunar website.  The latest site design allows customers to pull up previous orders, re-print tables they've purchased and shop for over 20,000 other great products specific to fishing, hunting and camping.  Credit card payment was sorely needed and has been added along with a great shopping cart solution.  Precise electronic mapping services provided by Google are used for the easiest ordering experience on the internet.  I am always tinkering, so you might just see a neat (or strange) addition as I learn more about internet web programming.  If anything seems broken, please let me know using our Contact Us page and I'll get it fixed as soon as possible. 
If you wish to contact me, please use our Contact Us page.  I don't enjoy those web forms any more than you do, but putting an email address directly on a web page just earns you hundreds of junk messages every day.

Please, enjoy my website.  I will do my best to make sure your experience is an informative and enjoyable one. 

Thank you for visiting us.

Best Regards,
Joe Payne

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